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Techplus adds MAD Automotive car brake disc alignment

Workshop equipment specialists, Techplus has added the MAD Automotive range of on car brake disc alignment equipment to its product portfolio.

MAD Automotive’s range of on car brake disc aligners are setting the benchmark for machining of brake discs.

Numerous approvals from vehicle manufacturers confirm the high quality and reliability of this unique product range.

MAD Automotive says that its range of on car brake disc aligners deliver the 100 per cent elimination of Run Out, DTV and excessive brake noise and offer a solution for EV’s with rusty discs / excessive brake noise. The machines are money makers for the workshop selling a premium service and labour to the end-user.

MAD Disc Aligners use a system called parallel mounting which guarantees precise results. The mounting on the caliper ears ensures absolute parallelism between the discs and the brakes giving them an advantage on other systems, which rely on hub mounting.

The DA 8700 on car brake disc aligner, is the company’s “go to” product for 99 per cent of cars and vans on the road, and is a great profit generator for workshops.

The DL8700 is a precision tool and is cast in one piece. To ensure long and accurate life, the DL8700 is heat-treated after processing. The tool is then treated with nitrotec to prevent the formation of rust and is finished with a special wax treatment. The unique guides for the cutter holders and the very short, solid clamps to the car enable the definite elimination of the vibration problems.

Another popular seller in the range is the DA 2002, which builds on the strengths of the DA 8700. The handle makes mounting and transport of the DL quicker and more safe. The DL has two operation panels on each side, which means that the buttons are always on the safe side away from the turning parts.

The inside of the machine is covered with an aluminium casing which covers all the electrical and rotating parts of the DL.

The Feedmotor of the DL works on 36Vdc. This low voltage is safe to work with for the mechanic. The DL is made as short as possible, which makes it possible to machine discs on the rear axle. The drive unit of the DA2002 has two speeds (80 and 160rpm). The mechanic can choose the correct speed for the best result.

To adjust the machine you can use the buttons for fast and slow forward/backwards.

The DL has two different length mounting ears which ensure, together with the USM, that the machine can be mounted on the short possible way for an optimum result.

For more information on the MAD Automotive range of on car disc brake aligners contact Techplus on 01 404 9060.