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TecAlliance solves tricky Audi A4 performance case

TecAlliance, one of the leading data management specialists in the independent automotive aftermarket, is continuing its new series “What the Fix?!”.

Each month a new episode will present a repair query from workshop practice that the specialists on TecAlliance’s Expert Hotline have solved.

On LinkedIn, Facebook and in the TecAlliance Newsletter, the problem will be described and the solution provided – a service from automotive professionals for automotive professionals.

The latest episode involves an Audi A4 with poor engine performance in the lower rpm range.

The car shows low engine performance in the lower engine speed range. Speed rises temporarily above 2,000 rpm on actuating the clutch. The intake manifold gasket and the fuel tank vent valve were replaced. The crankcase ventilation system oil separator membrane is torn.

The solution for this is replacing the torn crankcase ventilation system oil separator.

“We want to provide an insight into the work of the experienced motor mechanics on our Expert Hotline. For workshops it takes a lot of time to solve every case on their own. The combination of our existing knowledge database with the personal assistance of our staff offers great added value for our customers. Many cases are both tricky and interesting, which is why we would like to share them with the community,” explains Christian Bergmann, vice president data manager RMI at TecAlliance.

With TecRMI, TecAlliance offers manufacturer-compliant repair and maintenance data for automotive workshops, wholesale dealers and fleet and leasing companies. TecRMI includes technical data from all common vehicle manufacturers for repair, mechanics, maintenance and diagnostics.

As an additional service, the automotive specialists on the Expert Hotline offer advice and problem solving for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. From Monday to Friday,07:00 to 16:00, it supports workshop employees to solve tricky cases. This helps the workshops to save time, avoid potential sources of error and offer their customers high-quality repairs.