TecAlliance introduces another supplier

TecAlliance has welcomed the DriveTec brand as the company’s latest official data supplier, for its TecDoc CATALOG parts identification system.

The move was spearheaded by Qualvecom, one of Ireland’s largest automotive component distributors and the company responsible for the DriveTec brand throughout the Republic.

Offering a wide range of parts including brake pads and discs, as well as wheel bearings, the brand is fast expanding with more product groups to be added in the near future. Its recent growth has firmly established it as a trusted brand amongst thousands of Irish garages.

As every car requires maintenance and repair, factors and proactive workshops need to have access to a system, which accurately selects the correct parts for each and every vehicle. As the market leading company in parts identification, TecAlliance, through its TecDoc electronic catalogue, provides the solution.

Brian Dennis, marketing and sales support for Qualvecom explained: “It is vital for the continuing growth of the DriveTec brand to be listed in TecDoc. The exposure that the system will bring to the brand will enable us to develop it further and add new products into the range.”

Shaun Greasley, general manager of TecAlliance UK and Ireland added: “The addition of DriveTec further endorses our position as the premier parts system and allows our users to benefit from the widest possible pool of suppliers across all product sectors.

“At a time where the freedom of information is under threat, we are committed to providing our customers with the open access the independent aftermarket requires to survive and thrive.”

TecAlliance has been compiling vehicle data, spare parts data and repair and maintenance information worldwide for over twenty years. Parts data is collected for all manufacturers, prepared according to the TecAlliance standard and provided to spare parts traders for ordering purposes and to workshops in order to perform competent vehicle repair and maintenance. Thanks to high-tech solutions, this varied data can be filtered and output to suit the particular needs of the diverse participants in the market. As one of the world’s leading suppliers, TecAlliance sets market standards in spare parts information and vehicle descriptions.

This digital data and information base enables workshops, traders and the parts industry to work together in a highly efficient manner. Fleet and leasing companies as well as insurance providers benefit from the OE specifications when dealing with maintenance and wear-and-tear work.

Over the years, further process-optimising services have been added. The parts industry, parts traders and workshops worldwide all benefit today from the broad data basis of the TecAlliance platforms on which all supply, demand and approval processes can be integrated and efficiently carried out. With these solutions, TecAlliance is permanently and sustainably improving electronic business processes among the partners in the digital aftermarket.

Today, around 500 qualified employees work for TecAlliance around the world. They have profound technical and industry knowledge of the automotive aftermarket so that they can work tirelessly to make data and processes more efficient.

TecAlliance – the international driving force for data, processes and integrated solutions in the automotive aftermarket.
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