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Team PR Reilly launches full range of TRW brake pads

In addition to the full TRW Shock absorbers and Brake Calipers ranges, Team PR Reilly has recently added the full range of brake pads from TRW.

TRW Brake pads are coated with a Unique Silicate coating to improve the contact between brake pad and brake disc, which in turn improves the braking distance on their brake pads. This could be up to 7 metres compared to other premium brands.

This coating is called “TRW COTEC” and is applied to nearly 90 per cent of the TRW Brake pad range sold in Europe.

Customers can check out the full programme and real smart pricing on the new www.team.ie site.

For more information on TRW Brake Pads or details on Team P R Reilly’s product range, contact the team on (01) 8320006 or at sales@team.ie. Visit www.team.ie to see the entire product range.