Team PR Reilly and NGK fires racing engines

For many years Team P R Reilly and NGK Spark Plugs has been firing racing engines throughout Irish motorsport.

Knowing that race teams push their vehicles to the edge, NGK designs every spark plug to withstand severe mechanical and thermal shock associated with these high-revving, high-compression race engines and feature electrode materials and configurations as follows:

Electrode materials – Many use precious metals such as platinum or gold/palladium for greater durability and lower voltage requirements.
Electrode configurations – Fine-wire center electrodes provide better sparking and enhanced ignitability. Fine-wire ground electrodes further improve the ignitability of the plug.
Insulator configurations – Special configurations are used for the insulator noses to improve throttle response.

For more information contact PR Reilly’s Vicky Reilly today on 086 884 20 25 for the latest NGK Racing Spark Plug price list or go to for more information.