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tankpool24 racing team relies on Meyle

In motor racing, even the smallest vehicle component can be crucial to success. For the fourth year in succession drivers Norbert Kiss and André Kursim from the tankpool24 racing team are again relying on the quality and durability of Meyle parts in the FIA European Truck Racing Championship.

This season they will be driving trucks fitted with brake discs and pads, engine mounts and rpm sensors in Meyle‑Original quality as well as the Meyle‑Original clutch booster.

During the race every single part, however small, has a vital role to play in bringing the truck safely and quickly across the finishing line. Any flaw can be disastrous for the outcome of the race or the season. Frequent gear changes mean that in racing vehicles clutch boosters are exposed to exceptional wear and need to withstand extremely high loads.

For the first time this season, the tankpool24 racing team is competing with trucks fitted with Meyle‑Original clutch boosters. Stefan Honens, chief engineer of the “tankpool24” racing team says, “In our vehicles functionality, reliability and durability are paramount. On the race track the slightest flaw or failure can have serious consequences. Which is why we use as many Meyle parts as possible. We know from experience that we can rely on them completely.”