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ZF enhances [pro]Tech training with new Nissan Leaf

In response to the growing demand for expertise in hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs) and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) calibration, ZF Aftermarket’s [pro]Tech garage

ZF offering workshops free registration to [pro]Tech start

ZF Aftermarket has launched its new initiative, [pro]Tech start, offering free registration to workshops looking to enhance the skills of their technicians and access valuable

TRW: prioritise quality to ensure braking safety

TRW, a ZF Aftermarket brand, is encouraging technicians and motor factors to prioritise quality when opting for braking parts, to ensure safety standards are upheld.

ZF adds new Lemförder chassis parts for EVs

Automotive supplier ZF is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of chassis components for cars, vans and trucks. ZF Aftermarket also sells these products on

ZF opens first ‘zero-emission’ factory

ZF has opened what it calls its first “zero-emission factory”, following an 18-month renovation period at its production site for power electronics in Klášterec, Czech

ZF doubles range of fluids for electric and hybrid powertrains

ZF’s aftermarket division recently expanded its range of ZF Lifeguard fluids for hybrid and electric vehicles. ZF Lifeguard Hybrid 1 and 2 will be joined

Goodyear and ZF collaborate on tyre intelligence

Goodyear and ZF have successfully integrated tyre intelligence technologies with vehicle motion control software.

Groupauto International Names ZF Aftermarket Supplier of the Year 2018

ZF Aftermarket was named ‘Supplier of the Year 2018‘ at the annual Groupauto International (GAI) Congress. The international dealer network of spare parts and services