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Qualvecom acts as Irish Distributor for a number of the biggest global manufacturers of original equipment parts

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Qualvecom is one of Ireland’s largest distributors of automotive components, with a reputation for unequalled service to its customers since the business commenced over 40 years ago.

This reputation has been built on foot of a simple business philosophy – maintain comprehensive stocks of quality brands so as to deliver the right goods at the right time, all the time, and to provide a complete backup support programme including marketing, technical and all other after-sales services.Qualvecom acts as Irish Distributor for a number of the biggest global manufacturers of original equipment parts, who in turn supply all the main, worldwide car and commercial vehicle manufacturers.

Qualvecom’s success has been built upon the solid foundations of substantial investment over the years in infrastructure and people. Our modern, strategically-located facility is staffed by sales and operational teams fully trained and committed to ensure our customers receive a level of service which many of them regard as “the best in the game”.

Qualvecom introduces wiper motors

Qualvecom is now offering a range of wiper motors from leading brands: Febi and WAI. WAI ‘Perfect Fit’ wiper motors are guaranteed and tested to

Qualvecom adds new Rainy Day Flat Blade wipers from Champion

Qualvecom has introduced the new Rainy Day Flat Blade from Champion. With its new and improved slimmer design, the Flat Blade offers better visibility simply

Q Lithium Pro Caddy Batteries now available from Qualvecom

Qualvecom has added Q Lithium Pro Caddy Batteries to its ever-growing product portfolio. The Q Lithium Pro battery is a high performance, 12 volt battery

Qualvecom introduces DriveTec All Seasons Screenwash

Qualvecom has introduced the brand new DriveTec All Seasons Screenwash to its burgeoning product portfolio. DriveTec’s All Seasons Screenwash range is methanol free, non-toxic and

Belt change imminent? Get your timing right

INA manufactures over 65 million components every year, providing primary and FEAD systems to all of the leading vehicle manufacturers and giving you access to

ROC Springs launches new mobile app

Following the success of the ROC Springs promotion in February, the company has launched a new mobile app, which is fast, intuitive, and easy to

Delphi focuses on braking

How a vehicle stops is just as important as how it move, according to braking specialists, Delphi. Delphi believes that how a vehicle stops is

A2A Exhausts supplement Walker Exhausts at Qualvecom

There’s nothing worse than trying to fit an aftermarket exhaust that doesn’t quite… well, fit. Not only does it take longer, but there’s every chance

Delphi’s Steering and Suspension Catalogue 2017/18 available at Qualvecom

Delphi’s Steering and Suspension Catalogue 2017/18 is now available at Qualvecom. Manufactured to meet the same standards of performance and longevity as the OE, the

Qualvecom adds SLG Automotive Driveshafts

Qualvecom has added the SLG Automotive range of driveshafts to its product portfolio. SLG is a recognized brand within the independent aftermarket with over 20