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SUVs make up 40 per cent of total Euro cars registrations

European car registration results show ever-increasing consumer demand for SUVs and electrified vehicles. SUVs, in particular, were an important source of growth during last month.

In October, 484,400 SUVs were registered in Europe, as demand increased by 22 per cent on the same period last year and the segment posted a record market share of 40 per cent.

“Europe is slowly equalling the USA and China in terms of SUV penetration. This is mostly because of small and compact SUVs, which are hugely popular across the continent and make up 79 per cent of all SUV registrations,” explained Felipe Munoz, Jato’s global analyst.

The European car market continued to grow in October 2019 as 1,208,700 vehicles were registered – the highest October volume of the last 10 years. The strong growth, which can partly be explained by the market dropping in October 2018 following the introduction of WLTP, has improved the year-to-date figures overall.