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Successful ReMaTec for Shaftec

Shaftec’s first visit to ReMaTec in Amsterdam was a success, both in terms of reinforcing its position within the UK and in generating a great deal of interest in its abilities as remanufacturer capable of servicing the European left-hand-drive market.

Tom Curtis, Shaftec Director. Commented: “The Shaftec brand is growing rapidly and there’s a great deal of confidence in it. I think our early move towards EPS, excellent engineering capabilities & stringent testing process, together with a warranty offer as new and the fact that our operation is carried out under one roof at our UK facility, were all major contributors to the interest – and indeed to our continued success.

“Many visitors outside of the UK had heard of us as we already do some business in Europe. The general consensus is that we’ve hit on the perfect recipe for success. With our skills and expertise, there’s no reason why we can’t fulfil the needs of a wider European market. Development plans are in progress.”

The business chose ReMaTec’s 10th anniversary exhibition from June 23-25 as a platform to highlight its position as a leading remanufacturer of braking, steering & transmission automotive parts.

Shaftec has invested heavily in its remanufacturing facilities in recent years. Business growth was the driver behind its 2015 facility expansion and subsequent mezzanine floor addition in early 2018. The business now operates from a site totaling 4000m².

Marc Wise, Shaftec Export Sales Manager added: “Remanufacturing is the way forward for those who want to hold a broad range of product. At Shaftec we offer a variety of parts from fast moving to niche references and by keeping a close eye on build costs, we’re able to remain competitive and confident we’re providing a quality product.

“In the long term, due to efficiency, sustainability and more sensible use of resources, remanufacturing is clearly the way forward where possible. We remanufacture OE core to offer performance as the VM intended, offer guaranteed re-engineering expertise and adhere to stringent testing procedures.”