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Successful Pressure Waveform Analysis course in Cork

Renowned American automotive writer and technical trainer, Brandon Steckler recently delivered a one day training course on pressure testing and analysis in Cork.

This sold out course was hosted by J&S Automotive at its Munster Depot in Little Island, Cork, which saw mechanics from across the country got an excellent insight into how a quick and simple check of a pressure waveform, could accurately diagnose mechanical problems in the engine.

The course covered transducer functionality with both absolute transducers as well as delta transducers. It touched on the benefits and characteristics of both types of transducers and how they can be used to gain an edge.

A diagnostic-approach was carried out using real world examples and actual case studies from Steckler’s own library. Brandon Steckler also has an ATS EScope ELITE 4 on show on the day.

The course was very well received by all the delegates, who left with the confidence to invest in the tooling to perform pressure testing and analysis to improve accuracy and efficiency.