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Step-by-step instructions for VW T5 shock absorber replacement

Shock absorbers are safety-critical components which need to be replaced immediately when diagnosed to be defective. It is recommended that the shocks be checked at the workshop every 80,000 driven kilometres. In their latest video the “Meyle Mechanics” demonstrate the shock absorber replacement procedure for the Volkswagen Transporter V model using the Meyle‑Original shock absorbers, which are particularly resistant to wear.

Throughout their lifespan, shock absorbers are subject to continually increasing levels of wear – with exceptional sources of strain, such as potholes, bumpy roads, heavy payload or towing, or environmental factors including dirt, moisture and road salt taking an additional toll on shock absorber life.

Depending on the vehicle mileage, the suspension setup becomes “softer” as the shock absorber’s damping performance decreases. This poses serious safety hazards, ranging from increased stopping distance and loss of driver assistance systems performance including ABS and ESP, to reduced road grip and an increased aquaplaning risk.

To prevent any of this from happening, Meyle offers a range of 650 high-quality Meyle-Original shock absorbers catering for some 214 million vehicles registered across Europe.

Meyle-Original shock absorbers are designed to offer advanced wear resistance: An electro-mechanical coating process ensures reliable protection of the piston rod against abrasives. In addition, salt spray tests have shown that the Meyle piston rod is by far the least vulnerable to corrosion among all seven competitor products tested.

How to perform shock absorber removal and installation to professional standards is demonstrated in the latest “Meyle Mechanics” how-to video tutorial. Topics addressed include why shock absorbers should always be replaced in pairs and what precautions to take when performing repair work.
The new shock absorber video is available here:

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