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Stanners set to exhibit at Auto Trade EXPO

Stanners-Plasto-fused-plastic-repairDSC_1628-copyStanners Equipment, the welding specialist, has confirmed its participation at the Auto Trade EXPO, which takes place at Citywest Exhibition Centre, Dublin on October 22-23.

The company is set to exhibit its recently launched Plasto-Fused Plastic Repair System, which is designed to achieve strong, safe and fast plastic repair.

Splits and tears in bumpers, broken tabs on headlamps and many other types of plastic damage can be safely repaired which as well as saving money on replacement parts and reducing workshop expenditure also reduces waste to landfill.

Stanners Plasto-Fused Plastic Repair system is designed to be easy and quick to use and provides a perfect ratio of constant temperature control and air flow intensity. Unlike most other systems on the market it does not require nitrogen gas, which not only saves money but also improves safety in the workshop.

The electronic system enables the machine to reach a pre-set temperature with a small volume of air quickly and efficiently, and creates a strong, permanent and high quality repair using the provided enamel or stainless steel strips.

“It’s the quickest and most advanced plastic repair system I’ve seen on the market,” said John Stanners, Stanners Equipment. “Bodyshops that are using the system love the fact that it is fast, clean and efficient. They are saving hundreds of pounds in replacement parts, avoiding parts delays, increasing productivity, reducing waste and most importantly reinstating the integrity of the original part in repair. It’s the fastest and most economical way to repair splits in bumpers, snapped tabs and other plastic damage.”

For more information email stanners@stanners-equipment.co.uk. or telephone + 44 (0) 1670 514133.