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Stanners introduces future-proof XT2 TKR riveter

With the increasing need for bonding and riveting operations in body repair to join aluminium and a mix of materials, it is essential to have the correct tooling capable of performing a wide range of riveting styles at the right pressure.

Stanners now has stock of the new XT2 TKR riveter. It is the upgraded version of the BMW approved riveter (the only one that is approved by BMW) made by the German manufacturing company TKR. With 10 tonne pressure and 6 bar incoming air pressure the XT2 TKR is the most powerful automotive riveter on the market.

Gaining Mercedes approval in November 2015 it is also the most advanced and future proof choice of specialist riveting equipment available. The XT2 TKR riveter is capable of performing all common riveting tasks and because of its modular system packages can also be individually specified to customer needs.

The riveting tasks include self pierce/punch rivet, solid and flow form rivets covering all OEM size of rivets with many mandrills available for joining mixed materials at a varied range of force. With the blind riveting gun attachment all blind rivets, rivet nuts and rivet studs can be pulled and the 360 degree rotational head allows access in even the most awkward of areas to reach.

The increased hydraulic force of 10 tonnes is to punch holes in preparation of Mercedes hot stamped steels for flow form rivets. This is then combined with an 8 tonne retraction force piston too allow the mandrill to exit the high strength steel.

For customers who have already purchased the original PNP90 from 2009, they can buy an upgrade kit so they don’t have to purchase a brand new riveter. This consists of a 2-way valve upgrade on the existing PNP90 pump to allow a retraction force and a larger actuator gun with heavy duty arms. The existing lightweight gun for doing the common rivet tasks will fit onto the XT2 pump. The XT2 still has the pump on the floor and not in the gun so it is lighter to use.

“The XT2 TKR is the most advanced riveter on the market and the only one approved by BMW and Mercedes,” said John Stanners, Stanners Equipment. “Furthermore it is future proofed. If new riveting tasks are introduced by OEMs attachments will be made to fit onto this riveter. The XT2 TKR is the only truly most powerful and upgradable riveting technology and because it can perform a wide range of riveting tasks is the only riveting gun you will need.”

Stanners supply unrivalled training and ongoing technical support/ back-up with any purchase of equipment. For demonstrations or more information please call 01670 514133 or email stanners@stanners-equipment.co.uk.