Specialist Tesla suspension set-up gauges from Laser Tools

Laser Tools has added new special tools for electric vehicle workshops, in the form of suspension set-up gauges for Tesla models: the Front Upper Control Arm Ride-Height Gauge (part number 8849) and the Rear Ride-Height Torque Tool (part number 8850).

The 8849 is used to set the initial ride height position of the front upper suspension control arm, on Tesla Model 3 and Model Y vehicles. Required for initial setup when replacing the front upper suspension arms.

To use, just screw the Laser ride-height gauge directly into the front upper control arm mount and tighten the new arm against the 8849 plate to set the arm position. Equivalent to OEM 1450399-00-A.

For rear ride height, Laser’s 8850 is again designed for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y vehicles. This tool is used to set the suspension at the correct ride height when the top of the tool touches the sub-frame and the lower control arm sits on the lower part of the tool. Easy to use and accurate. Equivalent to OEM 1137855-00-A.