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Somora Motor Parts urges workshops to check customer batteries

Somora Motor Parts is urging workshops to check the battery of every vehicle visiting their workshop as a means of boosting sales and enhancing their business reputation.

A vehicle’s battery is rarely checked by workshops unless a problem is reported, so its health is unknown to the driver or technician. There may be no obvious signs, but if it is heavily discharged or defective it will fail when the weather gets colder.

When a non-start situation occurs, it causes considerable distress for the driver. A replacement battery is likely to be purchased at the roadside or from the nearest retail supplier.

Most customers expect their workshop to check and maintain all elements of their vehicle. If the battery fails shortly after a service or repair work, customers may question the quality of the work carried out and the reliability of the workshop.

By promoting the checking of batteries on all vehicles, a workshop can significantly improve the level of service it offers customers, enhance their reputation with the car owner and prevent battery failure distress.