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Somora Motor Parts launches new range of Optimal wheel bearings

Somora Motor Parts has just launched a new range of wheel bearings featuring double-row ball bearings with 4 point seal, from Optimal.

Depending on the region, method of use and season, wheel bearings are exposed to particularly strong environmental influences, shortening the lifespan of the wheel bearings.

Optimal’s solution is to use cassette seals with four sealing lips to boost the level of impermeability

With the 4 point seal, four innovatively arranged lips now provide better retention of bearing grease on the inside and give added protection against water, sand and other dirt penetrating particles from the outside.

Besides the greater impermeability provided by the additional lips, an extra metal plate protects the sealing lips against weather conditions.

The rubber seal used in the bearings is made from acrylic nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) and provides optimum resistance to oil, grease and other hydrocarbon compounds. This type of rubber remains elastic for longer and suffers less abrasive wear, according to Optimal.

For more details please contact 01-6754500, or ask your Somora Motor Parts sales representative.