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Sogefi OE on top of the range V6 – V8 TFSI engine

Audi and Porsche have selected Sogefi to supply the oil filter module for their new top of the range V6 – V8 TFSI engine. The OEMs joined forces to develop a new bi-turbo direct injection petrol powertrain family, including a V6 2.9 litre and V8 4.0 litre that will make its debut in the brand new Porsche Panamera.

One particularity of those engines is the bi-turbochargers, located inside the 90-degree V of the cylinder banks. This particular architecture concentrates the exhaust gas channels in the inner side of the cylinder heads. This layout enables compact construction and short gas flow paths with minimal flow losses for a quicker and sportier engine response.

Mounted in the valley of the hot V and close to the turbochargers, with extremely high temperatures and tough operating conditions, Sogefi is using polyamide reinforced with fiberglass for the filter housing. The design has been particularly optimised to achieve extreme robustness and to be able to stand those difficult conditions.

This oil filter module has been designed by Sogefi for performance engines. With its full plastic body, it provides best in class performances and durability. It is also an ecological module. Made of plastic, this filter is much lighter than aluminum oil filter modules and contributes to fuel economy. Moreover, recyclability is improved as only the filter element needs to be replaced during servicing. It can be therefore incinerated as it contains no metallic parts.

Usage of a new reinforced synthetic media offers the best results on efficiency, filter element life as well as mechanical stiffness in all extreme conditions required by those high capacity petrol sport engines.

Finally, the module architecture helps to integrate functions on the system, like the turbo oil feed connector and automatic drain valve for clean service.