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Sogefi launches Cabin3Tech+

Sogefi is using Automechanika Frankfurt to launch Cabin3Tech+, an innovative filter that will be available in the aftermarket under the brands – Purflux, FRAM® and Tecnocar early next year

Cabin3Tech+ is a new generation of cabin air filters.

Cabin3Tech+ has 3 layers for optimal protection:

Preliminary filtration with a synthetic media designed to trap and retain some of the main sources of airborne allergens, pollen and dust particles (10-100 microns).

Activated carbon layer that uses high-quality coco- nut shell activated carbon that absorbs odours, and harmful gases (Toluene, N-butane, NO2, SO2) that potentially cause headaches, irritation and coughing.

Melt-blown electrostatic layer that traps tiny parti- cles, like surrounding dust, pollen, brake residue by electro- static force of charge. Particles of 2,5 microns (20x smaller than a human hair) are retained up to 98.8%. These particles can enter the lungs and cause irritation. They are known to trigger and worsen chronic diseases such as asthma, bron- chitis or other respiratory problems.

It is important to change the cabin filter annually or every 15.000 km (max), not only to maintain a high-level of air quality inside the vehicle, but also to ensure that the ventilation system functions properly – a clogged filter can hinder the ventilation system causing fogging and decreasing visibility on the windscreen.

The Cabin3Tech+ range comprises of 56 references which will cover over up to 150 million cars around Europe.

For more information about Cabin3Tech+ filter and access to our fitting instructions, visit our websites: