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Sogefi fuel filter selected as OE on Ford Transit

Sogefi has been selected by Ford to supply the diesel fuel filter for its new 2.0 litre Panther
diesel engine range mounted on the Ford Transit.

Safety has been one major focus of this design. This can be seen through the protection the filter offers against crashes.


Made of a composite plastic housing, this filter is mounted into the engine bay thanks to a metallic bracket. The bracket includes a specific crash shield designed to protect the filter and avoid fuel leaks during a crash.
Also for safety reasons, this filter provides fuel ports in conductive PPA material, which helps to evacuate electrostatic accumulation that could occur around the filter element. Lastly, the electrical heater has been installed in a dry area, safe from any diesel fuel contacts.
Furthermore, the filter housing of this module is made of plastic, which makes it particularly safe against bacteria accumulation that can be encouraged by biofuel. All these solutions contribute to ensure vehicle and passengers’ safety.