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Sogefi designs oil filter module for new Audi A6

Sogefi, the automotive component company of CIR Group, has designed the oil filter module of the Audi A6 next-generation, which made its global debut during the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year and is now available in the market.

This high performance engine deserves a high performance oil filter and Sogefi says it has optimized the design to achieve extreme robustness to be able withstand extremely high temperatures and difficult operating conditions. With a full plastic body, it provides best in class engine performance, durability and is lighter in weight compared to aluminum modules, which contributes to improved fuel economy, according to Sofegi.

The company says that the use of a new reinforced synthetic media offers the best results for efficiency, as well as mechanical stiffness in all extreme conditions such as temperature and vibration generated by high capacity sport engines. The module architecture helps to integrate system functions, such as turbo oil feed connector and automatic drain valve for a clean service.

Moreover, the recyclability is improved, as only the filter element needs to be replaced during servicing. This filter element, using state of the art synthetic media, is designed to resist to extreme oil flow rates and is optimized to lower dramatically oil flow at very low temperatures. It also offers chemical resistance for bio fuels while offering long life reliability and performance.

Sogefi is continuing to be the first choice of premium brand Audi, sourcing Sogefi for its top of the range V6, V8 TFSI and V8 TDI engines, that power Audi’s Q7 and A8, Porsche’s Panamera and Cayenne, and the VW Touareg; as well as the W12- cylinder 6l engine mounted in the luxury performance new Bentley Bentayga SUV.

Sogefi filters for Independent Aftermarket are identical to the OE products and are available for order under the well known brands: Purflux.

L1048, FRAM CH12129ECO, Tecnocar OP1035 and CoopersFiaam FA6784ECO. With close to 5.000 German applications, Sogefi growing coverage of the German car-parc offers a strong product range to the European customers.