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SMPE increases application coverage

Automotive parts manufacturer and supplier of OE quality parts Standard Motor Products Europe (SMPE), has increased its number of applications across its existing Throttle Body range, with over a million more vehicles now covered.

The part numbers cover a further 171 models, equating to 1,022,226 vehicles in the UK car parc. This is the latest in a series of recent announcements from the leading aftermarket specialist, following increased application coverage on a number of SMPE’s ranges, including its Brake Light Switches, ABS Sensors, Air Mass Meters and Oxygen Sensors.

SMPE offers a complete range of more than 166 Throttle Body part numbers covering 3,904 distinct applications, equating to 22,449,170 vehicles on the road. An essential element of the spark ignition process, the throttle body is the intake system component that enables control of the flow of air when applying the accelerator pedal.

The company, home of the Intermotor, Fuel Parts and Lemark brands, is planning no let-up in extending application coverage across many more of its product ranges as part of ongoing catalogue improvements, giving motor factors the opportunity to turn stock much more quickly, with instant access to ordering via TecDoc.