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SMPE extends fuel pump range coverage

Independently owned automotive parts manufacturer and supplier, Standard Motor Products Europe (SMPE), has announced that almost 2.5 million further vehicles are now covered by its existing fuel pump range.

SMPE claims its existing range now covers a further 330 models, equating to 2,490,773 vehicles in the UK car parc, all available now through TecDoc.

SMPE supplies a complete range of fuel pump assemblies, swirl pots, in-tank pumps, in-line (external) pumps and sender units available in the Intermotor, Fuel Parts and Lemark brands.

Richard Morley, SMPE Commercial Director, said: “As this increase in vehicle coverage across some of our key ranges demonstrates, the entire SMPE portfolio is consistently growing, showing the company’s commitment to deliver the very best in terms of quality and availability to support the independent aftermarket.”

With part numbers being constantly added to its product ranges, SMPE’s electronic catalogue ensures that all customers have access to the latest up-to-date information, available through the website’s catalogue or via its third party e-cat providers who receive regular catalogue updates.

Common issues:

Fuel Pump Assemblies

Failure symptoms include noisy fuel pump, low or no fuel pressure, high fuel pump current draw and an inoperative fuel level gauge. When replacing an In-tank pump, it is also advised to replace the filter.

Swirl Pots

Inconsistent supply to the pump can cause irreparable damage making the pump noisy which will eventually cease.

In-Tank Pumps

In-tank fuel pump failure can cause a number of engine problems. Worn pumps and loose connections can cause low power, no acceleration or complete breakdown.

In-Line (External Pumps)

When the fuel level runs low, particles and debris can often e transferred to the fuel pump which can cause failure.

Sender Units

Sender units can fail at one fuel level which would relate to complaints of intermittent incorrect reading, the float can also become porous, resulting in low fuel tank readings. Floats are not available separately.