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SMPE boosts applications for ignition coils

Standard Motor Products Europe (SMPE), one of the UK’s largest independently owned automotive parts manufacturers and suppliers, has boosted its application coverage for some of its most popular ignition coils by 400 vehicles.

These coils fit the latest VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat, BMW, Mini, Dacia, Nissan and Renault vehicles and update the application listings to include the most recent models of some of Europe’s most popular vehicle marques.

SMPE is committed to offering the most comprehensive listings for its range of parts and carries out regular reviews of vehicle manufacturer data to ensure that applications are kept up to date.

This guarantees that customers taking its Intermotor, Lemark, Kerr Nelson, Fuel Parts and now Lucas range of parts can identify the correct components for their vehicle quickly and easily, removing any uncertainty.

SMPE adds as much additional detail as possible to each application, including technical details and part changes by chassis or engine number, to make the identification process as simple as possible.

This data is regularly updated in the most widely used aftermarket catalogue systems such as TecDoc and Autocat to give aftermarket customers the most current, up to date listings possible.