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Skoda’s offers top training programmes for young talent

Skoda Auto sets benchmarks in terms of the training and development of its staff and it’s a practice other should follow to guarantee a good supply of engineers, technicians, etc. The company’s own vocational school has been part of the Skoda Academy since 2013 and currently offers 13 courses, which stand out thanks to the high level of quality and practical relevance of the training provided.

Skoda’s Vocational School show the way – it offers top training programmes for up-and-coming young talent.

The company has long been investing extensively in the training and development of its own staff – a key component of its HR strategy. Since 2014, Skoda has invested more than 260 million Czech korunas in expanding the training programmes and modernising the training facilities. In addition to vocational training, students at Skoda have the opportunity to complete an internship abroad at another Volkswagen Group brand.

Optimal preparation for the demands of everyday working life
Students at the Skoda Vocational School undergo three- or four-year courses in technical subjects leading to either an apprenticeship diploma or a school leaving certificate for university access. The way the technical subjects are taught and the number of places available are both geared towards the needs and requirements of the relevant specialist departments at Skoda Auto. The company therefore places great importance on outstanding vocational training with a particular focus on future-oriented technologies.

On successful completion, all graduates of the Skoda Vocational School are given the opportunity to work for the Czech car manufacturer.

Since 2014, the Skoda student car has been great evidence of the high standard of training at the Skoda Vocational School and their Academy. This year, students designed and built the sixth student car under the guidance of their teachers and with the support of their experienced engineers and staff from the ‘Production’, ‘Technical Development’ and ‘Design’ departments.

Vocational school with more than 90 years of history
At Skoda, high-quality training and rigorous talent development date back more than 90 years. In 1927, the Skoda Vocational School opened at the company headquarters in Mladá Boleslav. In the first year, 58 students began their training in three different specialist areas.

Today, more than 900 students, 13 per cent of which are female, are enrolled in 13 full-time courses and three postgraduate programmes at the Skoda Academy.