Škoda set to debut Vision X at Geneva

At this year’s Geneva Motor show, the spotlight will be on the world premiere of the Škoda Vision  X design study, which offers an insight to future designs at the brand.

With the hugely successful Kodiaq and the recently launched Karoq SUV, the brand has its sights set on a third SUV in its portfolio.

The Vision X study transfers the brand-typical design language used in the current SUV line up, into a further vehicle segment.

The VISION X also features crystalline design accents, inspired by traditional Bohemian glass art. The large touchscreen display is new and enables a new operating concept, in terms of infotainment and connectivity. The hybrid drive concept is particularly innovative – it couples a CNG-powered (compressed natural gas), four-cylinder, turbo engine with an electric drive and thereby allows for particularly low fuel consumption and emissions.

Commenting in advance of the Geneva Motor Show, Raymond Leddy, Head of Marketing at Škoda said: “Škoda has strong form in replicating their design studies closely, in future production models – especially when you consider the Kodiaq shared remarkable similarities to the Vision X concept, that was also unveiled at the show only two years ago. This vision is hugely exciting for both our brand and our current and future customers, as we continue to develop our offering with cutting-edge technology and design.”