Skoda launches Rapid

Skoda has launched its new compact saloon, the Rapid across showrooms nationwide. Available with three different specification variants, both manual and automatic transmission options and five engine alternatives the Rapid is competitively priced from €15,995 and will suit families looking for a roomy car at an affordable price.

To mark the launch of the Rapid, Skoda Dealerships nationwide are holding an Open Week from Saturday 27th of October to Saturday 3rd of November where motorists can test drive the Rapid and avail of special introductory offers for new 2013 purchases.

Competing in the diesel dominated A-segment the new Skoda Rapid offers a broad range of petrol engines from the 1.2 MPI delivering 75bhp to the turbocharged units in 1.2 and 1.4 TSI  ranging from  86bhp to 122bhp. A diesel unit is offered in the form of 1.6 TDI producing 105bhp.

In CO2 emission terms the 1.6 TDI, 105bhp and 1.2 TSI 86bhp both achieve Band-A status with the remaining engines falling into Band-B.

The 1.6 TDI Diesel will account for the volume of sales however Skoda recognises an opportunity by offering motorists an alternative to diesel with an aggressively priced range of petrol vehicles.

Explaining Raymond Leddy, Head of Marketing, Skoda Ireland said: “The Skoda Rapid is fitted with low volume TSI Petrol engines that utilise the latest turbo charging and direct fuel injection technologies to produce surprising power with diesel rivalling fuel economy and CO2 Emissions.

Expanding Leddy, said “The primary reason for purchasing a Diesel vehicle is to acquire annual taxation and fuel savings over a petrol vehicle. The basic premise is you pay a premium for the Diesel car but over time you will recoup the savings by reducing your operating costs. The question is how long will it take to achieve these savings? Take the Rapid 1.2 TSI, 86bhp like the Diesel it achieves Band-A emission status and consumes just 0.7l more per 100km driven. Using today’s fuel prices it would take 14-years for a Diesel version to justify and recoup the savings on fuel alone! This really brings petrol back into the equation.”

Designed as a roomy, elegant and affordable car for the whole family, the Rapid draws parallels with other models in the Skoda range with class leading passenger leg and head room and 550 litres of luggage capacity rivalling competitors from higher model segments. The Rapid also offers simple yet clever solutions such as a high visibility vest under the front driver seat and an ice scraper inside the fuel tank flap.

Safety also features prominently in the Skoda Rapid with standard safety equipment on board including ESP and ABS systems, six airbags including large capacity driver and front seat passenger airbags, side airbags and curtain airbags to prevent head injuries.

Emphasising the focus on affordability customers can drive a Skoda Rapid from €199 per month inclusive of workshop servicing and delivery through their PCP Solutions package from Skoda Finance.

Engine Fuel Economy C02 Emissions Annual Road Tax Active Ambition Elegance
1.2 MPI/55kw (75BHP) 6.01/100lm 134 g/km €225 €15,995 €17,995 €19,795
1.2 tsi/63kw (86BHP) 5.11/100km 119 g/km €160 €17,145 €18,945 €20,745
1.2 tsi/77kw (105BHP) 5.41/100km 125g/km €225 €17,945 €19,745 €21,545
1.4 tsi 90kw (122BHP) DSG 5.81/100km 134g/km €225 €20,745 €22,545 €24,345
1.6 tdi/77kw (105BHP) 4.41/100km 114g/km €160 €20,595 €22,395 €24,195