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Škoda Ireland holds Apprentice Technician Induction day

Škoda Ireland held an Apprentice Technician Induction Day at the Limerick Education Centre, on Wednesday, July 19.

The Apprentice Technician Induction Day brought together 24 Apprentice Technicians, which were recruited under Škoda Ireland’s careers scheme in January and February to give them an introduction to the Škoda brand and to give them a starting point in their careers as Škoda technicians.

David Rave, Head of After Sales, gave the group a talk on the history of the brand, and its position in the After Sales market over the next five years.

Paul O’Flynn, a lecturer at the Limerick Education Centre, gave an overview of the National Apprentice Syllabus and the importance of the technician starting on the right footing.

The recruits got an overview of a number of key areas that apprentices wouldn’t normally be exposed to at this stage in their career including: ElsaPro/CTO, DISS/TPI’s, PDI’s/Transport Mode, Service Core Process, Maintenance Manuals/Tables, Updating Servicing/ Resetting, Job Card/Clocking, Warranty Campaigns, Connected Cars, Electric Vehicles, ODIS Diagnostic Equipment, Workshop KPI’s, Driver Assist Systems, Emergency Openings & Jump Points and Batteries & Fuse boxes.

The purpose of the overview was to give the recruits greater competence earlier in their careers as they embark on a road to becoming certified  Škoda Service technicians in  conjunction with their standard based apprenticeship.