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Size isn’t everything

Like many things in life, it’s not the size of your workshop that matters. It’s what you do with it that counts!

Most workshops now recognise the role that professional four wheel alignment can play in boosting the fortunes of a workshop. From improving levels of customer care, reducing customer comebacks, improving operational efficiency or creating additional income, the benefits are largely well understood.

However, for some, a common misconception remains that four wheel alignment is only appropriate for large workshops. Mistakenly, they believe that those operating in smaller spaces or with limited budgets simply can’t offer a better level of service.

But as numerous Hunter workshops have found, this simply isn’t the case and no matter what the size of your workshop, wheel alignment specialists Pro-Align are able to design a layout and supply equipment to allow you to enter the highly profitable world of Hunter alignment servicing.

One such workshop is Crozier 4×4 in Moate, County Westmeath who recently updated its wheel alignment equipment to a Hunter PA200 Plus imaging aligner after taking the bold step of allowing the technicians to decide on the right equipment. “They have to use the kit and because they are involved, they take ownership, become more enthused and want to come into work every day. They told me they knew they’d get the service from Pro-Align. What’s more, customers like the technology and Hunter alignment sells,” explains Jonathan Crozier, owner of Crozier’s. And having paid for itself in just eight months, the decision to opt for Hunter was an incredibly shrewd one.

At the heart of Pro-Align’s approach is its ethos to only work with those workshops who have a genuine interest in growing their business through professional four wheel alignment. Its experienced team can employ their cutting edge design service to produce 3D layouts of your workshop to optimise and evaluate different equipment configurations.

During the workshop design stage, Pro-Align will be able to assess if there is sufficient space available to accommodate one of their award-winning Hunter imaging aligners. Where space is limited or owners prefer an alternative approach, an alignment strategy using Hunter’s conventional sensors can be deployed. These systems offer similar levels of accuracy to Hunter’s imaging aligners and still include other key features such as an extensive OE vehicle specification database and HunterNet software management suite. However, for smaller workshops where time efficiencies or a high vehicle throughput are not a prime concern, these systems are perhaps more ideally suited. Furthermore, the intuitive alignment sequence provides a smooth and easy path through the alignment job from start to finish, catering for all skill levels with on-screen support just a click away.

To find out more about how Pro-Align can help your workshop grow through professional wheel alignment servicing, visit or call 01 5060699 to arrange a demonstration.