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Shop Bodyshop Direct adds DeVilbiss

Shop Bodyshop Direct has added DeVilbiss to its ever growing list of premium brands

The Meath-based bodyshop supplier recently concluded talks with the Carlisle Group in Bournemouth, which sees the entire DeVilbiss refinish range added to its offering.

The US manufactured DeVilbiss range of products has had many years of success in the automotive refinishing market.

It includes the DV1 Basecoat and the DV1 Clearcoat, both of which have been described as “a new generation of spray guns”.

DeVilbiss equipment provides excellent atomisation of high-solids clears that leads to glass like finishes. DeVilbiss equipment is optimised to virtually eliminate mottling and striping with metallic base coats and produce excellent colour matching.

Anthony Fitzgerald, sales director at Shop Bodyshop Direct told “The DeVilbiss range of product allows us to access much more market as there is a very strong loyal following of the brand within the collision repair space.

“The newer exciting range of spray guns such as the DV1 are world beaters, and we see a very high demand right from the outset.”

Shop Bodyshop Direct can be contacted on 046 909 3800.