Serfac stocking latest Wolf hybrid lubricants range

Serfac Limited is now stocking the latest in-demand lubricants for hybrid vehicles from Wolf Lubricants, a company known for its innovative and cutting-edge products.

Wolf’s Hybrid range currently contains 45 products for hybrid vehicles including eight different specialty engine oils that offer an impressive 100 per cent coverage of the hybrid car parc.

As a result of rising fuel prices and environmental concerns, the hybrid vehicle market is now thriving and dedicated lubricants are required to maximise energy efficiency of these vehicles.

Automotive consultants Frost & Sullivan estimate that approximately 15 million hybrid EVs will be sold in Europe by 2025, accounting for 16.4 per cent of the total passenger car market. This is a 500 per cent increase on 2019 sales figures.

An important mobility decarbonisation technology, hybrid systems work alongside a conventional petrol or diesel engine, using stored electrical energy to assist the combustion engine. Hybrid vehicles introduce new powering architectures and engines that are characterised by

  • Increasing system voltages
  • The presence of high copper contents
  • Higher temperatures
  • New polymer materials
  • High speeds
  • Different or no friction requirements

To guarantee proper lubrication and to increase energy efficiency and engine performance, hybrid vehicles require dedicated lubricants that offer:

  • Appropriate electrical properties
  • Assured corrosion protection
  • Sufficient thermal transfer characteristics
  • Compatibility with polymeric materials
  • Oxidation and sludge controlHigh speed bearing protection

With a thorough understanding of the technology and the intricacies of hybrid integration, Wolf’s engineers have developed a range of lubricants designed for fuel-efficient, hybrid vehicles. While most competitor SAE 0W-16 and 0W-20 hybrid engine oils fall under the API SN category, Wolf’s new SAE 0W-16 and 0W-20 hybrid engine oils are categorised under API SN Plus and SN/RC.

The brand’s specifically developed hybrid lubricants deliver outstanding high temperature oxidation control and lubricating stability, while protection against low speed pre-ignition (LSPI) events and car breakdowns. They provide exceptional fuel economy (FE) performance for Asian car manufacturers such as Honda, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Toyota.

Wolf’s hybrid lubricants deliver an instant start up lubrication in cold conditions, minimising friction and start up wear. Moreover, they reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, protecting the environment.

Some of the company’s unique engine oils for hybrid engines stocked by Serfac include:

Wolf Ecotech 0W16 SP/RC G6 XFE:
This full synthetic lubricant has been formulated for US and Asian petrol-hybrid passenger cars, offering improved efficiency and total engine protection. Exceptional base oils and a package of innovative additives provide excellent long-term lubrication. It is also well-suited to winter conditions, with a low viscosity allowing for supporting easy engine rotation.

This full synthetic engine oil is specifically developed to meet the Opel OV0401547 specification. The ultra-low viscosity grade of this lubricant enables the latest engine designs to reach their predetermined fuel-economy goals. In addition to this, the engine oil forms a powerful layer that absorbs harmful particulates and keeps the engine clean and protected.

“In line with evolving automotive technology, Wolf Lubricants has invested in leading-edge R&D to provide technicians and workshops with high-quality solutions for hybrid vehicles, said Gillian Fanning of Serfac. “While hybrids still make up a limited percentage of the total car parc, this market segment has grown rapidly over recent years.”

“Workshops and technicians need to be aware that dedicated lubricants are required for these applications and Wolf is leading the way by responding to present and future aftermarket requirements with innovative, high-quality lubricant solutions”, she continued.

As a blending specialist, Wolf produces lubricants of the highest possible quality with the support of a dedicated R&D team, an onsite laboratory and stringent quality control throughout the production process. Fully accredited, the company holds every necessary OEM approval and ISO certification. Based in Antwerp, Wolf has a truly international presence and exports to over 95 countries worldwide.

For more information regarding Wolf Oils & Lubricants and details of special offers, please call the Serfac sales team on: 01 459 8700 or via email on