Sealey launches welder and battery charger

Workshop specialist Sealey has launched its new MW160BC Inverter, a three-in-one device that enables users to MMA weld, charge batteries, and jump-start vehicles.

According to Sealey, this compact powerhouse boasts a 160A MMA welder, a 30A battery charger, and a 200A start function.

The MW160BC can MMA weld various rods, including rutile, basic, and stainless, with diameters ranging from 1.6mm to 4mm. It features an LED display, thermal cut-out protection, anti-stick, arc force, and hot start functions. Weighing just 5kg, this ultra-compact inverter is lightweight and easy to use.

In charging mode, the MW160BC supports VRLA (Lead Acid), GEL, AGM/EFB, and Leisure Batteries on 12V and 24V systems. The kit includes a 1.6m 16mm² cable with an electrode holder, a 1.4m 16mm² earth clamp and cable, 1m 200A charging clamps, and a 1.8m power cable.

The MW160BC is featured among over 80 new products in the latest Sealey tool promotion, with deals available until the end of June.