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Sealey introduces new series of Roadstart Emergency Jump Starters to its range

Sealey have introduced a new series of Roadstart Emergency Jump Starters to its range.

RS1B, RS102B, RS103B & RS105B – Roadstart Emergency Jump Starters

They are constructed from a sturdy composite case with integral battery clamp storage and carry handle for convenience. The series are suitable for starting vehicles with four cylinder petrol or diesel engines up to two litres, to 12V vehicles with an eight cylinder petrol engines up to five litres and six cylinder diesel engines up to 3.5 litres.

The front panel displays the internal or external battery charge levels and includes an integral LED work light. They feature reverse polarity and short circuit protection with an audible warning. The mains charger, with automatic power cut-off, prevents damage to the battery whilst charging and has inbuilt Mosfet circuit protection. All units are fitted with two 12V power sockets that will accept any 12V device with a vehicle accessory socket plug. There is also a single 5V 2.4A USB output and they are supplied with a mains charger. The model numbers are RS1B, RS102B, RS103B & RS105B.

PBI2212GS & PBI4424GS – RoadStart Emergency Jump Starter









Manufactured with professional grade, high performance AGM batteries and produced in the USA and specially formulated to jump-start vehicles, these are the only range of Dekra approved emergency jump starters on the market, according to Sealey.

Both units are supplied with automatic maintenance chargers that feature patented microprocessor controlled speed charging, with thermal runaway protection. This means that unlike other booster packs, these units can be left safely on charge continuously ensuring the unit is always ready for use.

Both units are fitted with an isolating rotary on/off switch and feature a two-function digital display showing the internal battery level and the vehicle battery voltage. They are fitted with a 12V accessory socket and a single 2.1A USB port which is ideal for charging mobile phones or tablets. A fusible link which is integrated into the output cable provides surge and spike protection which prevents damage to delicate and sophisticated vehicle electronics as well as the booster.

The heavy-duty clamps are manufactured with a braided link between each jaw for maximum power transmission, whilst also being curved allowing easy access to awkward or hard-to-reach battery terminals.

Easy cable and clamp storage ensure the unit is compact and tidy when not in use. An audible warning system (AWS) is incorporated to advise operator if the unit has been turned on for too long without being connected to a battery and to alert reverse polarity. Model No. PBI4424GS has a direct ventilation system from the batteries.

This is in place so if the unit was inadvertently attached to a 24V vehicle whilst in 12V mode (which would cause the batteries to ‘gas’), the gases would be vented directly out of the casing via a ‘Whistle’ outlet, warning the user of a potential issue.

SL67S & SL69S – Jump Starter Power Pack – Lithium

Sealey’s new Lithium Jump Starter Power Packs are powered by lithium-ion technology and fully protected against reverse charging and overload.

Easily fits in a glove box or backpack and benefit from being a compact, lightweight unit which provides high amperage output. The SL67S is capable of starting 12V vehicles up to an eight cylinder engine and the SL69S is capable of starting 12V vehicles up to a 10 cylinder engine. Li-ion batteries have numerous advantages over lead acid, including a flat discharge curve.

This ensures a greater and extended performance and holds the charge for up to five times longer with high energy density levels giving more battery power per gram, according to Sealey. They both include an integral work light for use at night.

The SL67S is fitted with a 10,000mAh battery, the SL69S is fitted with at 15,000Ah battery, and both models incorporate two USB outlets (5V/2.4A and QC 3.0). These units can also supply several full charges for smartphones and MP3 players or one full charge for tablets/laptops.

Copies of the new Winter Promotion are available from your local stockist, or you can view or request a copy online.

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