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Sealey adds to lighting range

A company always hopes that their products will light up the public’s world, but in the case of the Sealey lighting range, this is about to come true!!

The company’s newest additions will shine brightly, starting with the LED026 – 12 SMD LED Cordless Rechargeable Inspection Lamp; these bulbs allow a far brighter reach of light to be emitted from this Lithium-ion powered, sleek and contemporary looking lamp which shines up to 400 Lumens bright.

Promoting this great piece of kit in the New Winter Promotion (actually starting Mid August), it can be snapped up for under €45.

Alongside is the LED2105G – 21+5 LED Cordless Lithium-ion Rechargeable Inspection Lamp, in High-Vis Green. Also available in High-Vis Orange and regular Black, with a Blue version housing UV LED bulbs, these lamps are highly visible before using, as well as perfectly lit when on. They all form part of the Lithium-ion powered range, becoming so popular now, for the excellent performance, ease of rechargeability and pricing.

All these models can be purchased in the €40-50 price range.