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Sachs – proven performance

The rich history of the Sachs brand is characterised by technical innovations and enthusiastic fans. Its position as the leading driveline and chassis brand for cars, commercial and rail vehicles, agricultural and construction machinery as well as racing vehicles in international motorsports, has grown over many decades. With a new multimedia, storytelling campaign, ZF Aftermarket continues to tell the special story of this brand; taking it into the future by illuminating its unique industrial history.

“The reputation of our brands has value in itself, since we are a company operating within the aftermarket. ZF Aftermarket intensively cultivates its brands, ensuring a uniform appearance with a high degree of recognition throughout the world,” explains Helmut Ernst, Head of ZF Aftermarket. This division of ZF directly translates the engineering expertise of the company into the aftermarket; maintaining its market leading position as a global automotive supplier with its comprehensive product and services portfolio for the overall systems of driveline and chassis.

At the centre of the first part of the new Sachs campaign is the BMW M4 DTM – equipped with a Sachs carbon clutch specifically developed for the vehicles of the German Touring Car Masters (DTM). High-quality materials, reliability and a long service life make this clutch ‘the best for the best’.

“Thanks to a Sachs clutch, the fastest DTM vehicle accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.6 seconds. With this proven quality and performance, we are beginning to reposition the Sachs brand,” explains Ben Smart, Global Marketing & Communications Manager.

Since 1923, Sachs clutches have stood for the highest quality, durability and reliability as well as for impressive success in motorsports. They were fitted to Mercedes legendary Silver Arrows in the 1930s, and continue to be used in Formula 1 cars today as well as in vehicles taking part in long distance and round track racing events, national and international rally championships.

The knowledge gleaned from its use in motorsport, flows directly into the production of components used on the road, allowing Sachs clutches to score points with a longer service life and greater thermal load capacity.

Hill starts, endless traffic jams and winding roads – passenger car clutches are subject to a wide variety of demands every day. Sachs clutches, which can be ordered from ZF Aftermarket as high-quality individual components or as practical installation kits for simplified assembly, guarantee perfect drive characteristics.

The Sachs clutch kit includes a pressure plate, clutch disk and release bearing as well as special grease for ease of assembly, ensuring that the clutch can be replaced safely, effectively and quickly. There are other combinations available in addition to the clutch kit with dual-mass flywheel and the XTend pressure plate with automatic wear compensation, such as a kit with a concentric slave cylinder.

“Our fact-oriented marketing campaign combines the great engineering tradition and reputation of Sachs with the modern, distinct innovative capabilities of this strong brand,” explains Ben Smart. “The benefits of Sachs driveline and chassis technology are for everyone, not just the elitist domain of motorsport. Over the next few months, we will be presenting additional Sachs products and showcasing their special performance.”

With dynamic adverts and films as well as online and direct marketing activities, the new Sachs campaign is aimed at wholesalers and workshops. Helmut Ernst is proud of the innovative approach: “Quality and innovation, strength and reliability, performance and engineering art – the excellent embodiment of these values has been offered to our customers for over 100 years with our Sachs brand.”

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