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RSA issues road safety appeal ahead of Bank Holiday weekend

Following the deaths of 11 road users in the last five days, the Road Safety Authority (RSA) is renewing its appeal, ahead of the high risk Bank Holiday weekend, for all road users to take greater care when using the roads.
“Eleven deaths is an appalling loss of life” said Ms. Moyagh Murdock, CEO, Road Safety Authority, “and our thoughts are with all of the 105 families who have been left grieving the loss of a loved one to date this year.”
“These deaths should serve as a reminder to us all that using the road is the most dangerous thing we do each day. All it takes is a split second for tragedy to strike.”
“I would appeal to drivers to act responsibility, drive at the right speed for the conditions, don’t drive when impaired either through alcohol, drugs or fatigue and always wear a seatbelt and ensure passengers are wearing theirs too, no matter how short the trip. Designate a driver or leave the car at home completely and take a taxi. Do not take a lift from a friend who has been drinking, report them to the Gardaí if they refuse to listen to sense.  Vulnerable road users too need to ensure their safety by or example being seen on the road with reflective clothing. .”
Ms. Murdock also added that “times like this should strengthen our resolve to press ahead with the implementation of the measures contained in the Government Road Safety Strategy. Important road safety measures such as Chemical Roadside Testing for Drugs which is contained in the new Road Traffic Bill. Enforcement also plays a critical role and both the RSA Chairperson and I met with the Garda Commissioner this week to stress this very point. However, while the Government and public agencies have a responsibility to ensure the roads are made safer, as individuals we must play our part too and accept greater responsibility for our behaviour on the road only by doing this can we prevent the kind of carnage we have witnessed this week.”
105 people have lost their lives on Irish roads to date in 2016. This represents an 18% increase on last year (+16 deaths). 18 lives have been lost to date in the month of July 2016.