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Ross proposes rising fines and penalty points for higher speeds

Minister for Transport, Shane Ross is bringing a memo to Cabinet – the Road Traffic Bill 2018 – aimed at introducing new graduated fines for motorists caught speeding.

The Minister has said the current system of a fixed fine for speeding is not preventing enough motorists from exceeding speed limits, saying an “appalling number of people” are being killed as a result of speed on Irish roads.

The bill states, the faster a driver goes, the more they will get fined and the more penalty points they will receive, meaning speeding would no longer be viewed as a single offence.

The proposed graduated fines are as follows:

  • Those driving up to 10km/h above the speed limit could pay a fine of €80 and receive between three and five penalty points.
  • If you drive up to 20km/h over the allowed speed there would be a €150 fine and between four and six points placed on your licence.
  • Motorists driving between 20km/h and 30km/h over the speed limit will be hit with a €200 fine and up to seven penalty points.
  • Anyone driving in excess of 30km/h above the speed limits will be charged with dangerous driving.