Road safety group back Lighter Later campaign

As the issue of changing the clocks falls to the bottom of the political agenda, GEM Motoring Assist, road safety and breakdown cover company in the UK, continues to support the initiative through its backing of Lighter Later, a campaign for the introduction of lighter evenings throughout the year.

For many, the clocks going back on Sunday 28th October will simply mean an extra hour in bed; however, for the safety of motorists on our roads, it means something entirely different.

David Williams MBE, CEO of GEM Motoring Assist, comments: “There is strong evidence to show that road accident rates continue to rise each autumn, directly after the clocks go back. The reduced daylight hours not only mean that motorists are driving in the dark during rush hour, but pedestrians and other road users, particularly school children, are also at an increased risk.”

David continues: “Poor weather, decreased visibility, and bad road conditions are all rife during the winter months and have a serious effect on the rise in number of accidents and hazardous breakdown situations.Changing the clocks only adds further to the dangers for road users.”
Lighter Later proposes that Britain’s clocks are shifted forward by one hour throughout the year, so an hour of daylight moves from the morning to the evening.

“We were extremely disappointed earlier this year when the House of Commons session ran out of time before the Daylight Saving Bill could be passed, particularly as we believe the change could significantly improve road safety for UK motorists. We will continue to show our support for this campaign until it finds its way back onto the agenda, which we hope is sooner rather than later,” David concludes.
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