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Ring offers whiter headlights

Garages have a new update option for headlight bulbs, thanks to the new Ring Xenon5000 headlight bulbs. These bright, white headlights match the colour of LED daytime running lamps without HID or LED technology.

Modern vehicle lighting often incorporates low energy, very white LED daytime running lamps (DRLs). These emit an attractive white light, with a very high colour temperature – around 6000K. As most cars stil have standard halogen headlights, this can lead to an inconsistent look between the white DRLs and the headlights, which will emit a yellow-tinted light, with a colour temperature of around 2700K. Ring’s latest performance headlight bulb – the Xenon5000 – is different. This bulb emits a very white light, with colour temperature of around 5000K. These bulbs closely match LEDs, and give a high spec finish. It is the easy way to upgrade the look of a vehicle, and responds the growing trend of whiter headlights.

As well as giving an attractive appearance, the whiter light improves reflections from road signs and markings, and the bulbs put up to 50 per cent more light on the road than a standard halogen headlight, making night time driving safer and more comfortable.

Matthew Flaherty, Ring’s lighting Product Manager, says: “The mismatch between headlights and LED DRLs gives an inconsistent look in vehicle lighting. The new Xenon5000 bulbs give drivers a low-cost upgrade that is easy to install and gives instant results, while gibing garages a clear upgrade opportunity and chance to increase profit. We’ve used highly engineered lighting technology and testing to ensure that not only do these bulbs give an attractive white light output, they also put more light on the road and are fully street legal.”

The new bulbs come in popular H1, H4 and H11 and references. They require no wiring changes and are ECE Reg 37 approved making them road legal. The H4, H7 and H11 bulbs have a stylish silver tip, to blend into the headlamp unit and give a high spec finish. A countertop display unit is also available.