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Ring leads the way with filament style led bulb launch

ring-2396fsledRing, the leading lighting and automotive accessory supplier to the aftermarket, already offers the most comprehensive range of car bulbs in the market. Now it leads the way with new technology as it extends the portfolio to include filament style LED bulbs.

Launching a range of five 12V references; RW2336FSLED, RW2396FSLED, RW5016FSLED, RW2073FSLED and RW2453FSLED, the bulbs give a uniform light output in the same way as a standard bulb, have a longer life and are vibration resistant.

Filament Style LEDs are unlike any other LED on the market and are unique to Ring. The difference is the look. In the past LED bulbs have looked very different to standard bulbs, in some cases they have looked bizarre. This can be off-putting to a consumer. Filament Style LEDs look almost identical to standard bulbs due to the unique technology, where the LED is placed on a filament.

To the consumer, they look like a standard bulb and as such will give reassurance when fitting them. LEDs typically are a very focused light source giving light out in one direction. What makes the Filament Style LEDs unique is the LED produces a wider angle of light output without the need for lenses or reflectors.

With a lifetime expectancy of up to five times that of a regular bulb, the range comes with a three-year guarantee.

Marketing Manager for Ring, Henry Bisson comments: “This is big news for the industry and for Ring. We are first and foremost a lighting specialist for the aftermarket, so it makes sense for us to lead the way with Filament Style LED bulbs.

“Even though LED bulbs are for off road use only, regulation is likely to change as the industry embraces new innovations and technology. These bulbs, which are more energy efficient and longer lasting, could become the preferred choice in the future and we want to make sure we are ready with a comprehensive range when that happens.”

The Filament Style LED range complements Ring’s existing range of LED bulbs including the Performance, Premium and standard LED bulbs.

The Performance LED range uses 3D technology. The 7000k ice white bulbs have 6-year guarantee and are made with a flexible LED beading, stimulating the shape of a standard bulb and deliver an even light distribution.
The Premium LED range boasts, 12V bulbs and six, 24V variants. Providing a whiter look, the premium LEDs are 6000k ice white, use the latest CANbus technology and offer a longer life than standard bulbs.
As a direct replacement for existing bulbs, Ring’s LED range includes options for number plate, side and interior, panel bulbs and signalling bulbs.