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Ring launches its first 12V and 24V graphical battery analyser

Ring Automotive has launched its very first 12V and 24V graphical battery analyser.

The new product (RBAG750) is an upgrade to the RBAG700 and now enables vehicle technicians and enthusiasts to carry out a complete health check of the battery and electrical systems of both 12V and 24V vehicles, including motorcycles, cars and trucks.

Ring’s very first 12V and 24V graphical battery analyser, the RBAG750.

Like its predecessor, the RBAG750 is different to other analysers in that it uses an intuitive graphical interface making it easier and quicker for technicians to diagnose faults.

The microprocessor control can analyse and test the battery capacity without applying a load, providing fast, accurate results on batteries up to 1700CCA. A low range setting is also included for testing motorcycle batteries.

Batteries can be tested in or out of the vehicle and reverse polarity protection is built in. Ring Automotive recommends as 24V vehicles comprise two 12V batteries connected, each battery should be tested individually to ensure an accurate diagnosis. When testing the alternator and starter motor on 24V vehicles, the two 12V batteries can be left in series.

The analyser also offers the user the facility to input names and the car registration details so that a log of any test can be downloaded and given to the customer, helping to pinpoint issues further down the line. The unit will store up to 80 vehicles test results at once, allowing multi-vehicle testing before downloading, which is ideal for large dealerships and workshops. Results can be printed using the built-in thermal printer or, downloaded to a computer through a USB.

The RBAG750 will test not only the battery cranking performance, but also the alternator (including a diode ripple test), starter and earth system, providing a complete health check of the battery system to help mechanics diagnose potential faults.

Ring also advises checking batteries before any service, data upload or diagnostic work is carried out, as low-battery performance is one of the most common underlying causes of other issues or faults with a vehicle, such as problems with ECU monitoring.