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Ring inspection lamp is ‘Best Buy 2020’

Ring Automotive has received two prestigious awards for its MAGflex Pivot RIL3900HP.

Both Auto Express and Car Mechanic Magazine named Ring’s innovative inspection lamp ‘Best Buy 2020’. It was praised for its slim design, ease of use, and multi axis rotation and tilt, which enables light to be directed exactly where it is required.

At just six millimetres thick, it is Ring’s slimmest ever inspection lamp – designed to help get light into as many hard to see spots as possible. It also features the signature MAGflex pivot and ratchet movement, which allows the light to be positioned exactly where it is needed.

Designed with the professional workshop in mind, the MAGflex Pivot combines small size with exceptional light output. Foldable and pocket-sized, it has been developed to be easy to carry around the workshop, and once folded, the lens is protected against scratches and damage. With a light output of 400 lumens, it is exceptionally bright for illuminating dark areas.

The white light – with a colour temperature of 6000K – provides a comfortable working environment, and the multiple magnets and hanging hook allow for hands-free use, often a necessity when working in an engine bay or under a ramp. The lamp is cordless and rechargeable, with a mains charger included.

Henry Bisson, marketing manager for Ring Automotive, said, “Both wins are a testament to the expertise and forward-thinking approach that has gone into the design of the MAGflex Pivot. When creating this particular product, we put the professional first, and it was therefore important to ensure it could meet the requirements of a busy workshop environment. It needed to be able to shine light into the most inaccessible places, while keeping charge and being comfortable to work with.”