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Ring extends Xenon130 range

Ring, the leading supplier of lighting and accessories for the automotive aftermarket, has extended its award winning Xenon130 range to include three new references.
Xenon H1, H11 and HB4 join the Xenon H4 and H7 to create the market’s highest performing headlamp halogens.

Providing drivers with up to 130% more light on the road, these bulb upgrades feature 100% xenon gas and a more tightly wound filament to create the brightest light possible from a halogen headlamp bulb.
The light is closer to natural daylight making road markings and signs easier to see, and they have an extra 60m beam pattern to cover a total distance of 170m. Ring’s Xenon130 H1, H11 and HB4 reduce eye strain and increase confidence for night time driving. 
Directly interchangeable with standard headlights means there is no costly rewiring required or switch upgrades, and drivers can rely on a bulb that continues to meet and exceed performance levels.
Marketing Manager for Ring, Henry Bisson comments: “The Xenon130 range is a great example of how we use technology to create superior products that deliver real performance. The additional references complete the Xenon130 range so even more motorists can enjoy the benefit of superior light output.
“The higher performance will deliver a more comfortable, safer night time driving experience, especially during the darker days and harsher weather condition in autumn and winter. Our customers can be reassured that our Xenon130 range delivers exactly what they state and require from a performance halogen when driving.”
For further details about Ring and its range of lighting options, including bulbs, as well as its extensive portfolio of accessories please visit www.ringautomotive.com.