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Research finds 21 per cent of used cars imported in 2018 less than two years old

According to vehicle data experts, more than one in five used motors imported into Ireland last year were less than two years old.

It found that of the 127,000 used vehicles imported into Ireland in 2018 more than 25,000 units (21 per cent) were at least two years old and more than 3,000 of these were less than one year old.

Mercedez-Benz (460) were the most popular new or nearly-new imported vehicle, with Ford (391), BMW (360), Audi (227), and Honda (188) making up the rest of the top five most imported 2018 models last year.

Michael Rochford, MD said that, “the drop in new car sales during 2018 can almost certainly be attributed to the influence of Brexit and the rise in the number of nearly new imports being brought in from the UK.”