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REPXPERT member wins ‘INA Torque Challenge’ at Automechanika Birmingham

REPXPERT member, Eddie Nazarov of Chapmans Auto Centre in Coventry has become the first INA Torque Challenge champion after demonstrating his skills at this year’s Automechanika Birmingham in June.

Schaeffler bearing specialist, Tim Adams, came up with the idea of a fun competition, but with a serious ‘best practice’ message, to remind technicians about the importance of using the correct tools and torque settings whilst replacing belt system components.

Eddie Nazarov

Adams said: “If a tensioner stud is installed by guesswork, without using a torque wrench or accurate torque settings, a premature failure of the entire belt system becomes almost inevitable.

“We decided to demonstrate to technicians, in a simple and fun way, why a simple understanding of torque settings is really important. This knowledge will help them to save no end of trouble in the future, as well as time and money for both them and their customer.

“I asked the same questions to everybody, from master technicians to senior technical trainers and college lecturers, and almost everyone was confused when it came to some aspects of torqueing, such as the effect of adding extension bars or angle joints.”

After getting some hints and tips from Tim Adams, visitors then had to tighten up five tensioners and pulleys using a standard wrench with a hidden torque adapter displaying the results. The best four performers on each morning and afternoon of the show took away a torque wrench, with Eddie Nazarov winning the grand prize of a VIP DTM weekend for two in London.