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REPXPERT Covid-19 e-learning module for workshops getting back on track

As the aftermarket continues to get back on track, the government, along with leading industry organisations, have made lots of valuable business guidance available to help workshops reopen safely.

The GEA, IAAF, IMI, SMTA and the SMMT have combined to produce a raft of aftermarket specific information, which can be downloaded from any of the association websites.

Schaeffler has used all of this valuable information to create an e-learning module, using text and audio, to help garage owners and technicians take on board all of the key guidelines they need to be aware of in order to keep the workplace safe for both staff and customers.

The e-learning module is the perfect addition to the ‘Back > on Track’ initiative, which has already seen 2,000 workshop essentials packs delivered to 2,000 garages across Ireland and the UK.

At the end of the module is a short assessment, after which you can download a ‘Covid-19 aware’ certificate, a set of workshop posters and the e-learning module itself, in PDF format, so it can be kept for reference.