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Repair damaged threads on wheel studs and hubs quickly and easily

Laser’s new Wheel Stud Thread Restorer Master Kit (part no: 6527) is designed to correctly align and restore both external and internal damaged wheel stud threads. The new master kit brings together two existing sets (5216 is for external stud threads and 6116 for restoring the internal threads on the hub), and thus offers a complete solution.


For external threads on wheel studs and bolts, the split die design allows the two halves of the thread restorer to be fitted to the good thread (normally at the base of the stud).

Then the 24mm hex adaptor is fitted over the two halves of the repair die and wound back over the damaged portion of the thread, straightening and restoring it. The set includes three split dies to suit the most common wheel stud or bolt sizes: M12 (1.25mm pitch), M12 (1.5mm pitch) and M14 (1.5mm pitch).

Restoring internal threads in the hub is just as easy and the design of the thread restorer lets it reform the threads without further damage. Four sizes of internal thread restorer are provided: M12 (1.25mm pitch), M12 (1.5mm pitch), M12 (1.75 pitch) and M14 (1.5mm pitch).

The wheel nuts or bolts will now run cleanly and safely to secure the wheel. You will wonder how you did without it.