Renault teases new SUV

Renault will soon unveil yet another C-segment “compact family SUV”, which will be called the Symbioz.

The brand says it will fully reveal its new SUV this spring, adding that it will be powered by its E-Tech full hybrid 145hp engine.

The Symbioz is expected to be “the most compact hybrid” in Renault’s C-segment range, measuring 4.41m long. Interior space and loading capacity are also said to be “generous”.

No other real details have been shared by Renault as of yet, apart from that the Symbioz will have a panoramic glass roof that can also turn opaque at the flick of a switch.

On the name, Renault says Symbioz borrows from the French word ‘symbiose’, derived from the ancient Greek ‘symbiosis’, meaning ‘living together’.