Renault-Nissan Alliance a strong partnership

The Renault-Nissan Alliance is a strategic partnership, which accounts for one in ten new car sales worldwide. Renault-Nissan’s 2013 calendar-year sales, which includes sales by Russia’s AVTOVAZ (the alliance has a majority stake in Russia’s largest automaker), increased 2.1% from 2012. This marks the fifth straight year of sales growth. Renault_nissan2Renault and Nissan have been strategic partners since 1999, sold 8.3 million cars in nearly 200 countries in 2013. In addition to AVTOVAZ, the Alliance operates strategic collaborations with automakers including Germany’s Daimler, and Japan’s Mitsubishi.

Renault group sold 2,628,208 units worldwide in 2013, up 3.1% from 2012. Sales in Europe rose 2.4% to 1,301,864 units despite a 1.7% decline in the overall market. Renault’s European market share rose 0.4 percentage points to 9.5%, making it the fastest growing automotive group in Europe in 2013.

Nissan Motor Corporation sold 5,102,979 units worldwide, up 3.3%, which is a record for the fourth straight calendar year.

Electric times

The Renault-Nissan Alliance is the only automaker with a wide range of 100% electric vehicles (EVs) which can be charged with purely renewable energy.

In 2013, the Alliance sold 66,809 electric vehicles worldwide, up 52% from the previous year. Sales of the Nissan LEAF rose 77% to 47,716 units, while sales of Renault’s four electric vehicle models – Kangoo Z.E., Fluence Z.E., ZOE and Twizy – grew 13% to 19,093 units.

The Alliance’s worldwide zero-emission market share in 2013 stood at 63%, including Twizy, Renault’s two-seater urban commuter. LEAF was the world’s best-selling EV with a market share of 45% in 2013. In Europe, Renault was the leader with a 38.6% share.

The Alliance sold a cumulative 134,383 zero-emission vehicles globally from December 2010 – when Nissan LEAF went on sale – until the end of 2013, more than all major automakers combined.

Nissan LEAF sold a cumulative 96,847 units during that period. On January 20, 2014, Nissan celebrated the sale of its 100,000th LEAF to a customer in the U.K.

Since the debut of Renault’s first EV – the Kangoo Z.E. – in October 2011 until the end of 2013, the French automaker sold 37,536 zero-emission vehicles cumulatively.