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Remanufacturer Autoelectro reinforces quality point

‘We may be competitively-priced, but we will not comprise on quality’: That’s the message from premium rotating electrics remanufacturer Autoelectro, a company that is celebrating 30 years of trading.

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The Yorkshire-based company, one of the largest suppliers of starters and alternators in the UK, boasts an impressive portfolio and has grown its range exponentially into thousands, with new part numbers being developed and distributed at a rapid rate.

The latest batch of alternator part numbers, for example, suits a variety of BMW models, from 2008 to 2009-onwards.

The promise of quality is one that should inject confidence into the automotive aftermarket; its guarantee can be ratified by news that Autoelectro was recently granted supply approval from A1 Motor Stores to stock its members with rotating electrics.

Furthermore, Autoelectro beat off 500 international nominations to scoop a prestigious environmental title in August 2015.

In a search to find the ‘greenest’ companies, councils and communities, the supplier won a Green Apple Environment award and was presented with the trophy at a glittering ceremony in the Houses of Parliament last November.

Managing Director, Tony Bhogal said the approval of A1 Motor Stores and environment award was fitting of a company that takes pride in its reputation and will continue to fight against the growing threat of copy parts.

“The approval and award demonstrates to the automotive aftermarket that Autoelectro is a premium remanufacturer of rotating electrics,” he said.

“We are extremely proud of what we have achieved and, in our 30th year in particular, we are determined more than ever to improve, assist our customers and fight against the threat of copy parts.”

Remanufacturing reputation is improving

Tony insisted the perception of remanufacturing is continuing to rise and is passionate for Autoelectro, with its award-winning pedigree, to be at the front of the queue.
He said: “Modern remanufacturers boast quality engineering facilities, with well-qualified and helpful staff operating inside them.”

In addition to the Green Apple Environmental award, the family business from Bradford is also ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18801 accredited. An external auditor described a visit to the company’s warehouse facility as ‘very satisfactory’ and that it is ‘demonstrating control over all the various processes’.

Notably, the auditor added that ‘the extremely low warranty levels are testament to the sound expertise exercised in the manufacturing process and attention to detail’.

On the visit and report, Tony added: “The evidence is clear; over 30 years of trading, which we will be celebrating throughout the remainder of 2016, has meant we have built a vast knowledge and fine-tuned our remanufacturing processes that has transformed us into a premium rotating electrics brand.”